Some catch-up posts #1 Turkey Trot

TO  Thanksgiving Day I did the  5K Turkey Trot to benefit the Marin And San Francisco Food Bank. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

To begin with, it was a beautiful crisp morning. The race began at I believe 7. 30. And it was a lovely route, along the waterfront, under the bay bridge and just to peir 14. It was perfect running weather. Just a t-shirt was enough. Second,  in  a way I was representing my tribe as well as my fellow pageant queens. Instead of a bib that said Happy Thanksgiving, mine was customized to say Ability Nez Perce. I had my pageant bow on, too.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish. I often can’t walk that far. But I did. Not only that,  but I finished with my best time ever! 56.11. Yeah, ME finishing a race in under an hour!.

the runners high from that got me through the rest of the day. Yeah, this is why I run.


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