tough sell

Or more to the  point, tough selling. I can’t  market myself to save my life! I know because I am trying for a pageant. Iam supposed to sell myself and I can’t  do it.  True, some of the problem may be  my autism. I don’t  catagorize myself the way that


Why I run when I can barely walk.

I love running. I like to do at least one 5k every couple  of  months. maybe that doesn’t  seem like much. At least until you get to know me. I have a very difficult time even standing. When I  do a run, I  can hardly get up for several days. So  why do I run?

I run because  of  how I feel when  I  run.  It quiets the noise  in my head. It helps  me to  focus.  I find a consistent rhythm that helps me to  process. When I run, it makes me  feel  better.  Normal. Calm.
I run because it is worth the pain to  feel free.

Difficult Christmas

First, wishing friends a merry Christmas  and Happy  Holidays. That said, I have to say that I am really  struggling  this holiday season.

I think part of  the  issue is that being autistic  at Christmas  is painful. All the things that hurt are amplified.  The noises are louder, the lights are brighter and the crowds of totally uncaring  people  are just plain overwhelming. The  noise and chaos  is simply unbearable! It seems like so many Christmas  songs have high pitched squeeky parts. And the volume goes up from horrible to unbearable. People  forget what manners are. They shout at me to hurry up  or get out of their way  when I  am  simply trying to  pay for my groceries or find something  on a shelf in a store. For some  reason  it seems like items are moved from thir usual  locations. At Christmas  it is just so  much easier  to  get lost in space. Literally. As innot being sure where I am in relation to  my surroundings.

Then there is the depression.  I always get this at Christmas.  I  do sometimes wonder if  that is part of my autism  too. No one has ever bothered trying  to  explain  it  to  me. This year it is  slightly different.  I  am  still mourning Angela.  Her death hit me hard. And since her final wish was Christmas,  we did that. In November.  It  sort of tainted  the holiday  season  for me.

Finally,  there is all the fake cheer I am  supposed to  have.  Sorry.  This year I just can’t  manage it. I have tried.  But it is very difficult  to  say I  am  great with a smile, when i really want to say leave me alone  so I can cry. Which is  a  HUGE no-no. You can’t  mourn in December.  You have to be MERRY. Or else!

I just wish  that people  would respect that for some  peaple Christmas  sucks!

Some catch-up posts #1 Turkey Trot

TO  Thanksgiving Day I did the  5K Turkey Trot to benefit the Marin And San Francisco Food Bank. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

To begin with, it was a beautiful crisp morning. The race began at I believe 7. 30. And it was a lovely route, along the waterfront, under the bay bridge and just to peir 14. It was perfect running weather. Just a t-shirt was enough. Second,  in  a way I was representing my tribe as well as my fellow pageant queens. Instead of a bib that said Happy Thanksgiving, mine was customized to say Ability Nez Perce. I had my pageant bow on, too.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish. I often can’t walk that far. But I did. Not only that,  but I finished with my best time ever! 56.11. Yeah, ME finishing a race in under an hour!.

the runners high from that got me through the rest of the day. Yeah, this is why I run.